About Us/Success Stories/FAQ


Our Start

Rinn Advisors stemmed from an endless fascination with other people's businesses.

After almost a decade as a restaurant consultant, founder John Corcoran saw the opportunity to help all businesses save. With the velocity of business today, nobody has time to devote to truly cutting costs.  Word spread quickly about Rinn Advisors and now we service clients from coast to coast.

Our team's industry-agnostic methods help businesses, non-profits and municipalities now and in the future. We constantly find new services so our clients quickly turn into long term friends.

Current clients:

Ford Dealer

Tobacco distributor

Liquor Distributor

Private High School

Music Hall

Multiple Restaurants

Art Museum

Honda Dealer

Sign Manufacturer

Electronics Manufacturer

Unbranded Gas Station

Hebrew Academy

Car Wash

Several Municipalities

Boston Law Office

Chrysler Dealer

Chevrolet Dealer

Security Company

and more....


What is the time commitment from my staff?

Aside from answering some occasional questions , there is little to no time involvement by your staff.  Our "File Cabinet Day" gathers all the info we need early on so we can get to work quickly.  

How long is a typical engagement with Rinn Advisors?

Most savings initiatives are completed in a few short weeks so some savings is realized quickly.  Other opportunities are dictated by a client's existing policy dates, lease expirations, etc.  There's no set schedule and we constantly help our clients with new added services.

How much does the review cost?

Our shared savings model ensures that working with Rinn won't be any financial burden.  Our fees are a percentage of hard-dollar savings.  All fees are spelled out in writing for each service prior to starting for total transparency.

Who makes the decisions on what's implemented?

You make 100% of the final decisions and are NOT obligated to implement any of Rinn's savings recommendations.  

Rinn found savings....now what?

We implement all services on behalf of the client where possible and legal. We do not hand you a to-do and wish you good luck.  We facilitate any changes and check for vendor compliance with a new agreement.

When does Rinn get paid?

We bill out monthly for services so the savings are hard dollars in their bank account before Rinn gets paid.  Truly a shared savings model!